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Sardis-Message for 5th July from Pastor Fortunato Santos

Hello everyone’ I trust you are well and enjoying fellowship with the Lord. This coming Sunday we are going to have Communion together. So, please have bread and wine at hand. God bless you greatly. C Message 15 – Matthew 13:44-46 In Matthew chapter 13 there are many references about what the ‘Kingdom of Heaven […]

Sardis-Message from Pastor Santos for June 28th

C MESSAGE 14 – GENESIS 8:1-5 28/06/20 I am sure all of us know the story of Noah’s ark and the flood. God told Noah to build an ark and to take his family and all types of animals into the ark because He was going to flood the earth. After many days of torrential […]


We are pleased that our bowling green and tennis court are able to reopen on Wednesday 24th June with new processes/procedures and safe distancing measure in place. However I must emphasise at this point the children’s play area and the skate park have to remain closed as these as yet can not be safely opened.  […]

Who Can Help Local Angler Find a Photo?

RE Borrow pit lakes (2 ponds in valley) Hi, I’m an angler on the Neath and Dulais Angling club and wondered if you had any photos of the construction/excavation of the lakes that you could share with me and pass on to the club. With it being such deep water it  would be amazing to […]

Waste Recycling Centres to re-open

Press Release NPT Household Waste Recycling Centres Re-opening 18 May 2020 Neath Port Talbot Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) are to re-open to the public on Tuesday, May 26th with significant safety measures in place.NPT Household Waste Recycling Centres Re-opening The centres were closed on March 24th under Welsh Government guidance. When they re-open, […]

V.E. Day 50th Celebration Street Parties

Did you see this photo gallery  in a John Street  window during the recent V.E. Day celebrations?  It was assembled by Nora and Steve Cooper using pictures taken in John Street and Company Street 25 years ago,  during the V.E. Day 50 celebrations.   If you didn’t see the window display or would like a […]

Sardis Message from Pastor Santos 17th May (C8)

  Hi everyone; I trust you are all well and truly enjoying God’s blessing upon your lives. It has been a long time since we have been able of meeting together and I do miss you all. Now I have truly learned what Paul means by his teaching of being with you in Spirit. ‘For […]

Another V.E 75 photo

Michael Coulter took this V.E. 75 shot in Yeo St   Another  memory to store with all the others we’ve received. If YOU have pics to share, keep ’em coming! am@resolvendistrictnews.co.uk  

Photographer Mike Davies’s V.E. Day with the neighbours

    Because of the lockdown, our brilliant RDN photographer Mike Davies was forced to”stay put” on a day when he would have been racing all over the valley clicking his camera.  Instead, he took a few delightful shots of his own street party in Cadoxton–starting with  wife Maureen!  She was the star vocalist with […]

My Cousin Mary’s V.E.Window

    My cousin Mary was born in John Street, Resolven in 1940– too young to remember being carried into the cwtch under the stairs by her mother Elsie during air raids. But thanks to her grandmother Mrs Elizabeth Baker, she found a different way to decorate her front room window in Pontneathvaughan for the […]

Our “Lockdown ” Village Celebrates V.E. Day in Style!

Not being able to hold street parties in style as in  years gone by didn’t mean Resolven couldn’t pull out the stops to do it in a new style .  to satisfy the need to commemorate the sacrifices made over 75 years ago Along with the need to lift the spirits of friends and neighbours […]

V.E. Day Ready Steady Go!

People might be unable to go out shopping for decorations to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe but that hasn’t stopped them using what is at hand and creative imagination to make their own . Here is just a small collection we have gathered Claire Kirby of Company Street has been painting pillow […]